Puerto Rico B-Rolls

We recently got back from a shoot in Puerto Rico for several projects we are woking with Vans on. We didn’t take many pictures but we had a ton of unused B-Roll from our shoots. Here is what we are calling our B-Rolls. Its like a home movie of sorts.


2012 Show Reel

Introducing our 2o12 Show Reel. Sit back. Crank the audio. Chug your rum.  


Nike Chosen Tour Hits Windells Snowboard Camp

Stop number 3 of the 2011 Nike Chosen tour took us to Oregon. There we bunked up at our childhood dream camp, Windells Snow and Skate camp. Its a action sports enthusiast wet dream. With skate ramps lining the camp we ran around like pirates pillaging a unprotected village. We provided all on location production services for Nike and also perfected our backside one 180s in the foam pit.


Seea Surfwear

Seea approached us to help them launch there first look book of there Womans surfwear. At the heart of it all Seea aims to create suits that girls can rock that don’t look lame and fit even better. Our goal was to not only show the suits in action but capture some of the lifestyle that associates itself with surfing. With a mosaic of frames we combined action with modeling. Cheers.


Welcome to the New Site

Welcome to the new product of Seeworthy Project. Its the inter web and we get the fact that it evolves fast. We are evolving with it. Take a snoop around and tell us what you think. Thanks for taking a gander.

Hugs and kisses.

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